Equality & Diversity

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As a club, EURC believes that sport and sports clubs should be a welcoming and inclusive environment that allows everyone to enjoy the numerous benefits of club membership and participation in sport without fear of bullying, harassment or any form of exclusionary behaviour. We strongly believe that rifle shooting can and should be a sport for all and we are committed to ensuring that our club reflects those values.

As such, EURC has a strictly zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any kind including, but not limited to, discrimination based upon sex, gender identity, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Any individual found to be in breach of this policy may be subject to sanctions up to and including revocation of membership of the club and a report being filed with the Sports Union who may take further action as they see fit.

If any member of the club feels that they are being discriminated against for any reason whatsoever, we would encourage them to speak to one of the club committee who will ensure that the matter is dealt with in complete confidence and with respect to the wishes of the individual.