Air Disciplines


Air Pistol Training

Besides competing and training in smallbore throughout the year, the club also has an active air rifle and air pistol section. Air disciplines are a little different to .22 smallbore but still rely on many of the same core skills and are a great way to introduce yourself to the sport of target shooting.

All the kit, both air pistols and air rifles, you will need is provided as part of your membership fee, though experienced shooters are welcome to bring along their own kit and store it at the club providing they first get in touch with the club’s air disciplines captain to confirm there is space available.

As part of your membership you will receive training from our more experienced members and with practice you can be able to compete in competitions at local and domestic level within a matter of weeks. Air pellets are extremely affordable and so the club provides ammunition at training sessions as part of the membership fee.

Training for air disciplines runs every Monday between 7:30pm and 9pm.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with our air disciplines captain.



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