SSS Fullbore 2016

SSS Fullbore

This weekend the club headed to the fullbore range at Blair Atholl to compete in the SSS fullbore competition.  With a relatively strong team, half the team have represented GB fullbore teams at various levels, hopes were high that the success the club had in smallbore competitions would be repeated at the longer ranges.

Fullbore rifles are a 7.62 calibre, and fired at much longer ranges than smallbore (.22 calibre) rifles.  The wind must be taken into account at these kind of ranges as it can blow the round off course, especially at 1000 yards from the target when not using any kind of telescopic sight!  Thankfully the match at Blair Atholl is shot at slightly shorter ranges, the team shooting twice each, once at 400 yards and again at 500 yards.

Nikki Sammels had only picked up a fullbore rifle two days before the competition at a practice, but shot well in conditions considerably harder than the practice.  Christopher Gray had not shot this discipline since July, nevertheless recovered from a slightly iffy start to finish well and place 4th in the individuals.

However, special mention must go to both Seth Dowley and Rory MacLeod.  With a plethora of international experience between them, Chris and Nikki were hoping that Seth and Rory would drag the two more inexperienced shooters to success.  It turned out to be the case.  In challenging conditions they both wind coached Chris and Nikki excellently.

Individually, Seth had the highest score overall at 400 yards (49/50) but unfortunately struggled at 500 yards.  Rory, slightly disappointed with his score of 48/50 at 400 yards, recovered to put in the only ‘possible’ (highest possible score) of the day with a truly excellent 50/50 (and 7 Vs for those who want to know) at 500 yards.  This score was good enough to place him first in the individuals, two points ahead of Seth.  Seth and Rory swapped places from SSS fullbore last year, in which Seth beat Rory into second, Rory turning the tables this year!

With Chris and Nikki shooting admirably well and Seth and Rory placing 1st and 2nd, this was enough to ensure that EURC retained the SSS fullbore trophy, another addition to our already impressive collection of silverware.

With the SSS season now over, the club looks forward to BUCS fullbore at Bisley in July.  With a very strong potential team, all of whom have international experience, we hope that we can continue our incredible season on the testing ranges of Bisley!