SSS Outdoors 2016

SSS Outdoors at Denwood

Last weekend the club headed to Aberdeen to compete in the first outdoors event of the season.  Shooting outdoors presents more challenges as the shooter has to take the wind and light into account before taking their shot.  Nevertheless, and despite being the only university not to have trained outdoors yet this season, EURC still managed to do incredibly well.

The team of VIII managed to take home the gold for the first time in a few years, even with the two most experienced outdoors shooters not able to make it.  All the team shot strongly in very challenging conditions, Lara Muttiah recovering from a sighting mishap at 100 yards to put down some of the highest scores of the day at 50m.  Given that the 10 ring is only 10.4mm across, this is highly commendable.  Rory MacLeod and Christopher Gray finished off their strong SSS season with silver in the pairs, Rory shot the highest 100 yards scores of the day despite having never shot at that distance before!  The team of IV came second, as did the Ladies’ Triad, with some very respectable scores across the board.

More success for the club came in the individual categories.  Tom Pryce, who started shooting smallbore in September, shot incredibly well in only his second competition to win C class by some distance.  Moreover everyone was all left speechless after James Gutteridge’s performance.  He was put in A class, and gave himself very little chance given the quality of shooters he would be competing against.  However he was able to use his considerable outdoors experience to skilfully shoot through strong winds and rain, beating several former and current international athletes to become the Scottish Universities Outdoor Champion.

After a brilliant ball in Aberdeen, the club competed in the ISSF event on Sunday.  This is the style of match done at the Olympics, shot over 60 shots.  The most noteworthy score of the day was from Rhys Olley who would have come 2nd in A class with his score, only one point worse than the current BUCS and SSS indoor champion, but instead won B class.  Tom and Stewart Mason, shooting outdoors for the first time the day before, came in very creditable sixth and seventh places in the same class.

The club returned to Edinburgh with a large collection of silverware from the season, our most successful for some time.  With all the team not having shot outdoors since the summer, to take home the gold on Saturday was a real achievement.  With this success the club looks forward to the final smallbore event of the year, BUCS outdoors at Warrington at the end of April.

Outdoors range at Denwood

Outdoors range at Denwood