Imperial Meeting 2015

The Imperial Meeting 2015

The Imperial meeting this year saw great success for EURC members.  Although sadly we could not get a team together for the BUCS matches (however that will most certainly not be the case next year!) the members who went to Bisley certainly did not do so in vain.  

Seth Dowley, Rory MacLeod and Christopher Gray all flew the EURC flag in Surrey.  All had personal highlights… 

Christopher’s main discipline is certainly not fullbore and this was his first Imperial meeting.  Despite having never self-coached before and using a borrowed rifle, he managed to perform admirably, although his first shoot did finish with 4 misses…  However not to be put off, in his 4th shoot he managed to finish 84th in the Wimbledon with a 49.7, and with that he ‘broke’ his T, something which takes quite a few shooters more than one meeting!

Rory is certainly more of an accomplished fullbore shooter.  As adjutant of the winning Ashburton team with Wellington in 2014 he has experienced great success on the ranges at Bisley.  He is also part of the GB U21 team that is going to the World Championships at Camp Perry in America.  His most notable achievement was making it into Queen’s final and finishing in a fantastic 32nd place, jumping from O class to X class.

Seth also had a very successful meeting.  Also going to America, but with the GB under 25s, Seth is another strong fullbore shooter at Edinburgh.  Most noteworthy was the absolutely brilliant finish of 17th place in the Queen’s final, meaning he’ll also be shooting as an X class next year.  He also made it into George’s final and finished in a very respectable 87th place.

All were selected for the Universities match, although sadly lost to an excellent English Universities team, only by 12 points.  The club greatly looks forward to the Imperial next year, where everyone will hope to repeat their individual successes and shoot well in the BUCS matches.

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